Monday, November 3, 2014

baby attack! (pembawakan)

Been thinking of sharing the preparation for my wedding but workloads makes me busy bee mummy! aiceh dah mengaku mummy. there'a lot of thing i wanna share. About how did I found out that I'm pregnant and yadda! yadda! but today I juat wanna share this story.I'm having a hard time to sleep last night. There's some unusual pain in my tummy that makes me feel restless. Every position seems not right, I end up sleeping only after dusk! The consequence, both of us overslept. i woke up to find out that it's already 10am! I was obviously late!! quickly search for my mobile and start sms'ing Jenny.. The reason as usual, taking me up for a monthly check up. Haha! The check up is only due this Saturday. 'Selalu itu jadi alasan' and we laughed so hard thinking that who would've argue with that? The funny thing is that, despite the fact that I'm already late, I still continue to sleep for another half an hour and I end up sleeping while sitting cause I'm worried that I end up sleeping till evening. It's a cold morning, and sleeping seems perfect. Finally I can close my eyes and the pain slowly drifted in my sleep, but not for long as I begin to feel really hungry... Breakfast sekejap then continue my sleep as I felt a bit dizzy from the lack of sleep, obviously. 

I didn't realize that when I woke up it's already 5 pm!!! Wow! Macam vampire pulak. Blame it on the weather cause the sun didn't come out today, all I could feel is cold breeze and rain did poured heavily some time around 2. Ha!Excuses!Excuses! 

My friend told me about this AVENT brand for baby's bottles, sterilizer and breast pump. and these products could prevent the baby from wind (masuk angin) and the best part.... the teats are made to look and feel like a real nipple! We're gonna buy it from Ebay, better bargain. Nowadays you can get everything ( I really mean EVERYTHING, from Ebay.Who would've thought of that?) Plus, lucky Avent is one of our client and me will ask for discount lah apa lagi. thats the perks of working with ads agency. kena bijak lah berbelanja kata dah dewasa. haha. some one should come will me for tawar-menawar. I'm an expert tau. haha. sampai cina kedai tu tepuk dahi. oh well like ibu like daughter la kan. tehee

oh ya. I have this jitters on breastfeeding. I heard the first time could be really painful. Any tips from mothers out there? We're gonna enrol for ante-natal classes to prepare for the labour. Heard that it's gonna cost RM250 per 4sessions. Pricey eh?